We’re Still Here!

While the FBC blog has been dormant this winter, FBC itself has not. Since the last time anyone was consistently posting, FBC has:

1. Brewed multiple batches of beer
2. Decided on the future of FBC as a business (it’s all good news)
3. Continued to experiment with Kegging
4. Held beer tastings to see how our brews compared to the pros. Some went awesome with FBC coming out on top. Others permanently altered the future of FBC (see #2)
5. Been drinking out of, what truly is the perfect beer glass. (Shoutout to Mia!!)

So fear not faithful blog-followers!! FBC continues to be strong regardless of the lack of updates here. In fact we’re moving toward our goal of commercial production faster than ever before.

Also, I’m back, I’m rested from my winter slumber and ready to blog away!


  1. Anonymous

    Thank goodness you are back. I was lost without you.

  2. Are you guys still around? I miss the posts!!