Weekend Brew

This past Sunday we brewed. We brewed our asses off (still looking for mine). But more importantly it was a brew session intended to teach our newest member of FBC the ins and outs of the brew process. Susan Treece has been with us for a while now and  has been busy in many other aspects of FBC…just not the actual brewing part. She thought it was time to learn and we agreed. Susan posed as brewmaster in training for the day, and for the most part everything went great. I know she learned a lot, and Steve was supposed to quiz her once they got home. I suspect an A. *fingers crossed*

Don’t look at it Marion Alex

The only other incident of note from the day was a slight mishap with our chill wizard. Once you have boiled your wort you need to quickly cool it down before you can add your wort and yeast to the fermenter. The chill wizard is both a pump and a chiller. We push the wort from the boil kettle to the fermenter with this device. One thing we always try to improve upon is once the boil kettle is emtpy, there is no wort left just past the pump, so we have quite a bit of wort left in the chill wizard and hose running to the fermenter. There are various ways to get the wort out but we thought we’d try to push the wort through the chill wizard with some o2.

At this point something caused one of our quick connects to blow off the chill wizard and spray hot wort in many directions. One of those directions was Alex’s face! He was burned a bit but is recovering nicely.What exactly happened we haven’t figured out yet, because as far as we know there was no pressurized gas hooked up to the chill wizard at that point. We’ve got many “experts” on the case. Ill keep you up to date as more details come in. Or mabye not. Meh.

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