Two Tastings

I found myself in Columbus this week and was able to stop by two different brewpubs. I was actually able, through sample sizes seen above, to try every beer that the two breweries offered.

Elevator Brewery and Draught Haus is located in downtown Columbus in a beautiful old building which some claim was once a brothel. Of the two pubs I visited, this is definitely the higher end one, with most diner menu selections reaching the upper $20 range. The beer here was tasty but really nothing remarkable. For a brewpub I want some selections that are almost over the top in their hop character or alcohol level or something. Ever offer here was midrange, well made, but ultimately forgettable. If I ever go back to EBDH, it will be for the food and the atmosphere, but not the beer.

The next night I was able to walk to Barley’s Brewery, Alehouse No. 1, located in the Arena District. Barley’s is much more a bar than high end restaurant. The atmosphere was cordial and not at all stuffy, which is how I found Elevator. I was slightly disappointed that they only offered 6 beers on tap.
However, the selections here were much more in line with what I expect at a brewpub. Blurry Bike IPA had a strong hop character, and the Glenlenny’s Scotch Ale was right were you want a Scotch Ale to be at 8% ABV. My favorite beer of all the tastings was found here in their Oatmeal Stout, which was delicious. I’m not a huge fan of stout beer but this beer was awesome.
Both these places are worth a look if you’re in Columbus.

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