Spring Break

This past week I went back home to Long Island New York. While I was there I decided to check out the microbreweries (future competition) in the area. I went on line and they actually had an entire page devoted to the local microbreweries, brew pubs and brewery supply stores which was really neat. There were quite a few ranging from small scale to large scale such as Brooklyn Brewery which is the six largest brewery in the United States.

Once I noticed that there were a few brewery supply stores right by me I decided to give them a call and see if they had anything we needed. One had the 15 gallon fermenter we were looking for at the same price we had seen. I decided to pick it up since it would save us on shipping. It is actually called a demi-john which I was so politely informed of by the salesperson as only a New Yorker can. I felt right back at home.

It is actually a very large piece of equipment as you can see in the picture, that is my great dane lying next to it to give some perspective
On the same street as the brewery supply store was a brew pub called The Black Forest Brew Haus. I stopped there to sample their beer and food. They had five different beers on tap and a lot of good food. They gave large free tastings of every beer and I settled on their Amber. I only needed to buy the one beer because of the size of the samples and the fact that it was around noon. They advertise as having over two hundred years of experience and everything tasted great but I have faith that we can out do them in every category.
The last beer related thing that I did on my trip, well actually my last Findlay Brewing Company beer related thing I did on my trip was talk to my brother Jesh about doing some artwork for our bottles when the time comes. He said he would be happy to help us out and even did a quick sketch of a beer name we all liked. It is called Doc Watson’s Black Lung Stout, the image is below…

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