Schlitz is Back!!

This week is Milwaukee Beer Week, where several Milwaukee craft brewers show off their products. It looks like a fun event in a town rich in beer history.

Reading this article yesterday, got me thinking about the “Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous.” Schlitz. So it was very odd when last night at the Hancock County Homebrewer Association meeting, one of the members brought along a few bottles of Schlitz. Normally, the HCHA members bring their homebrewed beer, but last night we were treated to some Schlitz, which went over very well.

Schlitz beer dates back to the mid 19th century, but really became famous in the 1900′s when it claimed to be the largest brewery in the world (which was resoundingly disputed by Pabst). Schlitz’s popularity surged even further in the 1960′s, until the Schlitz Brewery changed the recipe. The new formula was not well received and Schlitz never recovered. I assume they would have returned to the original formula, but they lost the recipe!!! Seriously, how does a brewery as large as Schlitz “lose” a recipe of it signature beer? It appeared that America was out of Schlitz, and thus out of beer….

Well, fear not fellow drinkers, through discussions with former brewmasters and several taste testers familiar with the original recipe, Schlitz has returned the beer to its 1960′s formula.

At the HCHA meeting I had a couple of samples of this beer and it really was delicious. Smooth, crisp and refreshing. Exactly what you want in a low end beer. Well Done Schlitz!!

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