Long time no post!

Hello everyone! I just want to let everyone know that even though this blog may not have been updated recently…we are still working hard behind the scenes to bring you our beer. FFF Yeah!

The good news is that we have already paid for our licence to brew and had one extremely positive visit from liquor control. We have not been approved yet but we are almost there! I believe we are only a short few months away!

So you may be asking yourself where you may be able to buy our beer. Well you will have to keep checking this blog to find out! We are starting at a pretty small scale so we wont be found everywhere immediately, but we do have plans for you to be able to come in a pick up a growler whenever the mood hits you as well as be on tap at a local watering hole or two.

So we are very excited to bring you our beer, and we hope you’ll be even more excited to try it! Please stay tuned!


  1. Anonymous

    Just drove past while you guys were hanging your sign on the corner of Main and Center on our way to Alexandria’s for some brew and dinner. Totally pumped about what you guys are doing. Can’t wait until you are open for business.

  2. Anonymous

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