Logo and Updates!

FBC Logo

Greetings everyone! After much time we finally have the logo finalized. You can see it to the left of this comment or in the banner at the top. Thanks to everyone that helped out with this! Also, long ago, I promised an update on our cooler project…it’s done! It’s been done for a while actually. We have some beer carbonating in it now and it is so cool The Fonz would be jealous. I’ll get some pictures up for everyone to check out soon. Also our Brite Tanks came in. Pretty sweet. I’ll get some pics of those for you too.

One other update is to inform you that all is going well with getting our licence. There is quite a bit to it and we are going to submit some additional information this week. If it is all ok’d, then our licence will be issued in no more than 90 days! That is the max amount of time so I am hopeful we will have it much sooner. Don’t worry…beer it be a coming.


  1. Nick Hottinger

    Love the new logo!

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