Listermann’s Trip

I’ve returned from my trip to Listermann’s in Cincinnati with several items our brewery was in need of. When I arrived at Listermann’s I found what appeared to be an abandoned machine shop. However, neither the building’s appearance, nor the un-illuminated “OPEN” sign could dissuade me from my task. After opening the door to what looked to be an empty storage room, and wandering through a few halls, I found a store loaded with homebrewing supplies and a filled to capacity with shoppers loading up on gear and ingredients.

I was momentarily awestruck, which led to some rather stupid purchases (more about that later). But everyone there, from other patrons to the staff, were extremely friendly and helpful.
I grabbed glass carboy, carboy cap and carboy carrier first, which you can see above.
Next, I sought out an auto siphon (lovingly displayed by my wife Jennifer on the left), so we no longer have to use our contaminated mouths to start the siphoning process. In this section, I also grabbed a handful of sacks to hold our hops (behind the chemicals below) to keep our brew free from any loose hops.
It was in the chemicals section where I was really out of my element. I first grabbed some PBW (professional brewers wash) which is made specifically for stainless steel RIMS systems like ours. I’ve read a lot about cleaning the brew-magic and PBW seems to be the favorite.
Next, I got a bottle of gelatin (the smallest bottle below) for the fining process.
Finally, we are using fickle well water, so I knew we needed additives to lower and raise the pH of our mash.
So I grabbed Citric Acid (to raise the acidity) and Calcium Carbonate ( to lower the acidity). Unfortunately, those two items are typically used in wine production and NOT beer making. What we need isLactic Acid and Calcium Chloride for beer production. Oh well, those two items were less than $3 total, so it’s not a complete loss.
All and all it was a very successful trip to Listermann’s and I can’t wait to go back with some time and a real list of necessary items.

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