Keezer – Done!

Steve and I finally finished the Keezer on Saturday. Now all we need to do keg some more beer. Here’s the final product. Note the chalkboard paint on the collar, allowing for announcement of what’s on tap.

Word of the day – Noble Hops – noble hops, (not to be confused with the noble gasses) are a series of hops, typically from Central Europe, which all have common characteristics, such as low Alpha and Beta acids, high humulene levels and low myrcene levels. These “noble” hops are generally accepted to be:

1. Saaz
2. Tetnang
3. Hallertau
4. Spalt

Some will claim the following also fit within the “noble” hops category, but there is much debate on this topic:

- Liberty
- Hersbruck
- Goldings (both Kent andn Styrian)
- American Fuggle

Ahh hop debates! Who doesn’t love ‘em!

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