It’s Cooler Time

So we have finally started our cooler build, and as you can see, we are just half a floor, 4 walls, a ceiling, and a door away from having it completed! It may not look like much now, but beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. Its going to be a modest cooler coming in at about 7×9…but will fit our needs as we are starting out. We decided to build one to save $$$$. Our cooler will be a quarter the cost of a new or even used unit. Right now saving money is important to us, so the decision to build was a no-brainer.

The cooling power will be delivered by a 12,000-BTU air conditioner. Normally an ac unit would shut off long before it would get us down to our desired 35 degrees. The trick is with a little unit called a coolbot. Basically we plug the ac into the coolbot and it takes care of everything. I cant wait to try this out!

As soon as we make more progress on it Ill be sure to post some more pictures.


  1. Anonymous

    Who is the cute cat in the banner image? Does FBC have a mascot?

  2. Sadly I don’t know. I just saw his pic online randomly…thought he was a handsome little guy and included him in the banner. But a mascot? Not yet. But you now have me thinking. Maybe Beery the Pint-o-Beer…or perhaps Hoppy the Happy Hop Leaf? We will take suggestions!

  3. Anonymous

    Great tribute to Neil Armstrong! #RIP