Interesting Beer Facts

So I have been looking around on the Internet a lot about beer just waiting for our Brew Magic system to arrive. There is a wealth of info out there, apparently a lot of people like beer, go figure… Along the way I have come up with some interesting info that I figured I could share here and there and maybe entertain us until Aaron wears his Snuggie at the West End.

First thing I would like to do is introduce the brewers of the Findlay Brewing Company to their patron saint, Saint Arnold – Patron Saint of Brewers (of the beer variety, not any stupid team). Saint Arnold was born in 580 and was named “Arnold, bishop of Metz” in 612. He devoted much of his time to warning people about the dangers of drinking water since it could be very toxic in the dark ages and told everyone that they should drink beer instead. he is quoted as saying “From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world”.

He was buried in 640 near Remiremont, France in the monastery he retired in. In 641 the people of Metz the petitioned to have his body exhumed and his body returned to the monastery in Metz where he was bishop.

The church granted this request and Arnold’s beer loving followers began the long journey back to Metz with his body. Along the way they decided to stop in the town of Champignuelles and go into a tavern for their favorite beverage, beer! When they got inside they were all very disappointed to find out that there was only one mug left and they would all have to share.

They started to drink it and to their amazement there was plenty to drink for all and the mug never ran out. No one can become a saint according to the Catholic Church without a miracle and this was the miracle that they used to decide to canonize Arnold.

Since then Saint Arnold has been recognized by the Catholic Church as The Patron Saint of Brewers and is now our Patron Saint. I am sure he will guide us to brew delicious beer for all. He is also much better than my previous patron Saint, Elmo, who is the patron Saint of Abdominal Pains (don’t ask).

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