Insert "Monster Mash" Joke Here

The Mill has arrived! I’ve purchased a two roller mill from “Monster Mills” a couple of week ago. And while I received it some time ago, I’m only now moving forward with it. It came as seen above. Sans any sort of hopper of receptacle base. Therefore it is up to us, FBC, to fabricate a system for this piece of hardware to fit into.

Luckily, we have three very experienced woodworkers on our team. Josh, Ben and Jeremy all have extensive experience working with wood. Which is very good because I literally injured myself getting this thing out of the box and could possibly kill myself if I attempted to use power tools.

Jeremy has procured a small motor for us to use from his old furnace, and it would be SWEET to attach it to this thing.

Here’s another shot of the precious.

It would be nice to build a grain milling / grain storage cabinet such as seen below. A “one-stop-shop” of sorts for all our grain needs. But I’ll leave the details up to the guys that actually know how to build stuff.
Word of the Day: GNARLED – knotty and misshappen; made rough by age or hard work. A perfect exampled of some that is “gnarled” are the rollers on the mill. I had never heard this term until I went to my first Findlay Homebrewers meeting. I became immediately curious if the surfer lexicon term “gnarly” was derived from this word. Hmmmm.

Coming up next……Hops pictures. All three hops have finally sprouted and I will post some pics as soon as I can.

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