Great Scot!

Read the next sentence for a great announcement. We are now on Tap at Great Scott on Broad in Findlay! No no…they have not turned into a bar. For those of you that don’t often go to Great Scott, let me just tell you that they have an amazing selection of craft beer. And as of recently, they have set up a growler filling station for you to go in and grab some to go! That is where we are. So grab a growler and head to Great Scot and fill up! Like I said, they have an amazing selection. So if you like beer, you will not regret the visit! Also, in the very near future, you will be able to get a growler or a pint at our place as well, and we have one other location in town we are planning to be on tap at. So keep an eye out! We are working very hard to bring you our beer to as many places that we can. Thank you everyone for your support!

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