First Pour

With apologies to Josh, I assume all at FBC have now experienced the first brew. I gave Steve his first taste tonight to complete the team. I will leave it to others to discuss their thoughts. But I have now enjoyed two tastes and they both have been phenomenal. I am very excited about this first batch and look to it as a good sign of things ahead.

My opinion: heavy coffee notes up front, very, very dry early on and it finished with a little bite in the back of the throat. The color was perfect and each sip left me wanting another. I, like others, would like an even heavier result, but I still think this is very tasty stuff. Especially when considering the sparging issues we had during the brewing.
Also, I was very happy with the Tap-A-Draft system I’m using. The very first pour was all foam, but after letting it sit a couple hours I was able to get a near perfect pour at my first attempt.
Carbonation was little bit low, but will only get better the longer it sits. Very happy indeed!

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