FBC Brewday

Today is a Friday. Last Friday FBC did not brew any beer. Therefore….Today is an FBC BREWDAY!!!! I will attempt to brew the American Pale Ale I discussed on this blog. There will be some changes however.

First, Centennial Hops were not available in whole leaf form. So, they had to be replaced. I will boil 1 oz of Cascade and 1 oz of Amarillo for 60 minutes. I will have a 1 oz Cascade addition at 30 minutes and a 1 oz Cascade addition at 10 minutes. This will bring my IBU’s to 33. Finally I will Dry hop with my homegrown Centennial hops which are drying in my attic as I write this.

Second, the grains had to be modified. I am lowering my Pale Ale malt to 16 lbs. Raising my Cara-Pils Dextrin to a full 1 lb. Using 90 Lovibond Crystal malt instead of 60L. The 2 lbs of Amber malt will remain the same.

Finally, I will had just under a pound of Dry Extract Amber Malt to the boil. This is the most controversial addition to my recipe. FBC prides itself in going all-grain. But this additional will give my beer a 5.5% Alcohol by Volume rating and take my SRM to 13, just where I want those two items.

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