Creating a Pale Ale Part 3

Final post on this issue, I promise.

Last night I was able to sample a couple prime examples of American Pale Ale. This led me to discover two potential issues with my recipe.

1. 28 IBU’s is not enough hoppiness for a APA
2. 9.5 SRM is an appropriate color for APA’s, but I want to go even darker.

So, to solve these issues I will double the 30 minute addition to 1 full ounce. This will raise the IBU’s to 32.

Second, I will add 1 pound of amber malt. This will not only add some color, but will some add biscuit aroma with coffee undertones. It will raise the SRM to 11.

Finally, I will add some Irish Moss (which is actually seweed) the last 15 minutes of the boil. This addition, for some reason, clarifies the beer. Resulting in a cleaner product.

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