Cleaning Time

It’s a sad fact that as owners of a “Nano-Brewery” we spend A LOT of time cleaning our equipment. It’s part of the job that no one enjoys but everyone participates in. Ben has easily worked the hardest in this area, stepping up to scrub and soak when others (myself especially) hesitate to start the cleaning process. But all have done time with the cleaning.

I don’t know who would, but some may find this topic interesting, so I figured I’d BLOG-IT!!. Here’s what we use and do.


Cascade. Yes, the same product most of you use to clean your dinnerware is the same product we run through our pipeline. It was recommended by the manufacturers of our Brew Magic, and I does seem to work well. The only problem is the Lemony fresh scent it leaves behind.

PBW. Professional Brewers Wash is also a cleaning agent made by “Five Star Chemicals” we’ve used in the past. It’s an abrasive cleanser, goes easy on the soft metals of our system.

However, there is quite a flurry of discussion on the blogosphere that this product is nothing more than Oxyclean (RIP Billy Mays) with different packaging.

Both Oxy and PBW are awesome at removing beer labels after a good soaking.


Sanitation is very important to the brewer. Any small impurity could ruin a batch of beer and send all of your consumers running to the bathroom or the hospital. So, sanitize we must. (Side note: Sanitizing does NOT equal Sterilizing)

All we have ever used in this area is a Product called Star San, also made by the Five Star company. It is awesome. It is a sanitizing within seconds. You only need one ounce per 5 gallons of water. No rinsing is required. And you can actually drink the stuff!!! Amazing. I can’t imagine using anything else to sanitize.

Some homebrewers swear by “Iodophor” made by BTF. It’s very similar to Star San, but foams up less and is cheaper. But, it leaves a red stain on plastic and cannot be stored once diluted. So, why would anyone want to use it is beyond me. But there have been many heated discussions on this Star San v. Iodophor debate.

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  1. So that’s where my cleaning supplies went. Oh well, quess I don’t have to do laundry or wash dishes anymore. ;)