Brewing today!

Tis Brew day! Today, once again, I will be doing it porter style. I code name this brew… Aarons Down and Out Porter! Again, I ordered most of my grains online, from Midwest Supplies, but purchased my 2 Row at Wolfie’s in town.

Just thought all 9 of you might be interested in some of the grains I am using in this recipe and why. So check it…

2 Row Pale for the base…Munich for some malty flavor…Crystal for some caramel flavor. (Also aids in head retention and foam stability) ...Chocolate for a nutty, chocolate-like flavor…and Brown for a dark roasted flavor and bitterness.

So there you go! This brew should come out with an IBU of 20.8 and potentially end up with 6.7% alcohol by Volume. Bizaaaam!

-a ron

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