Brew Bonding

Beer is in the national news again as our President announced he is attempting to narrow the American racial divide through beer consumption.

The President announced that he, Professor Gates and the Police Office that arrested Mr. Gates are all meeting at the White House over a beer to discuss Prof. Gates’s arrest.
Professor Gates will be having a Red Stripe, officer Crowley will enjoy a Blue Moon and the President will have a Bud. I would guess that the Prez choose Bud because, well, it’s quintessential American beer. Psst, Mr. President, Budwiser owned by a bunch of Belgians.
Either way, its good to see that even the leader of the the free world appreciates the positive qualities of group beer consumption.
UPDATE: Below you’ll see a photo of the drinking session. Gates ended up imbibing on a Sam Adams Light (a real American beer), while VPOTUS Biden joined the group with a “Bucklers.” Bucklers is a non-alcoholic beer made by Heineken. The VPOTUS is a wuss!!

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