Beer Labels.

Last night at the West End, two things of note occurred:

1. We obtained about 60 new empty bottles to distribute our products. (Thanks Shonda!!!)

2. We had a brief discussion about beer labels.

So, I thought I would post a little ditty about what IS required information when labeling and selling beer. The enforcement division of this sort of thing is the “Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (NOT related to the ATF), and the law is 27 CFR Part 7 of the federal code.

This code section states that all labels for “malt beverages” (which includes beer) must include the following information:

1: Brand Name
2: Class (IPA orPilsner, ect.)
3: Name and Address of Brewery
4: Net Contents (amount)
5: Alcohol content (only part of time – not actually necessary on true beer)
6: Declaration if the product contains sulfites or aspartame

And that’s it. All labels must also be approved by the TTB.

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