Applewine v 2.0

FBC completed its 25th brew session on Friday. And, despite the new partial-mash procedure, it went pretty well. Hopefully in a month, we’ll have a tasty brew as well as a new technique available for us to use in the future.
With these 25 brews, we’ve had some successes, and some failures (you know what I’m talking about number 21!!). When we let others try our brews, the responses range from “that’s awfulto “that’s awesome!!” However, the most common response has always been “NOT BAD!” While this is not a terrible response, and says more that people are actually surprised our brews don’t taste like vomit, it’s not exactly the response we’re looking for.
What we want is for our taste testers to consistently proclaim “that’s fantastic” and ask for a second glass. Only 1 concoction that I’ve created has actually induced this response. Applewine (or Apfelwein for snooty home brewers). My first attempt at Applewine was a smashing success and I am very disappointed I only made 2 1/2 gallons.
So….. here I go again. Using Ed Wort’s recipe, I’m going for a full 5 gallon batch of Applewine. The process is VERY simple. First, procure your ingredients. Seen below they are merely:
- 5 Gallons of Apple Juice
- 2 lbs of Dextros
- 1 packet of Wine Yeast

The required equipment (all sanitized of course) is just as simple:
- Carboy (here I used a retired water jug)
- Funnel
- Stopper
- Airlock
All that’s needed to is combine the the ingredients into the carboy and let it sit. So, that’s where I’m currently at. I’ve got 5 gallons of apple juice, sugar and yeast sitting in my coat closest fermenting away. Apparently, this recipe peaks at 6 months. Last time I only made it about 1 1/2 months before I bottled, I really want to go the full 6 months on this batch.
Hopefully this batch will have people asking for a second glass, just like the first.

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