APA2 Bottling

I bottled my APA batch last night and learned a few things. However, to explain what happened I will need to provide you with a new Word of the Day:

Dry Hop – when hops are added to the secondary fermentation process. After beer is boiled, it is transferred into a fermenter (primary) and yeast is added. After some amount of time, FBC transfers the beer off of the yeast and into a second fermentation unit (secondary). At this point, additional hops can be added to enhance the aromatic properties of the hops added in the boil.

Well for the second time in FBC history, I attempted dry hopping. I used an old Sanke Keg (on the right) which is obviously stainless steel and thus opaque. Although I had brewed around 11 gallons, only 9 gallons had transferred into the bottling bucket. Where did the 2 gallons go?!? Some had to have been lost during the transfer from primary to secondary, but not 2 gallons.

Then answer was revealed when I cleaned the sanke keg. The 1 oz of hops I had added to the secondary had tripled in size and weight. I’d lost about 10% of my product to hop absorbtion.

This beer better be hoppy and delicious!

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