American Bitter now on tap at Logan’s!

So the day we have been working long and hard for is here. American Bitter in now on tap at Logan’s Irish Pub in Findlay. We delivered the kegs earlier this week. Logan’s had to wait until the Pabst keg was empty before tapping ours. So we sat there last night drinking pint after pint of PBR until finally it happened! We couldn’t be more excited! Thanks to everyone that helped us achieve this brewtastic dream. If you find yourself at Logan’s…please don’t hesitate to give us a try and let us know what you think!


  1. I’ve been following you guys for awhile, now, and have been anxiously awaiting to try your stuff, as I am an avid beer lover. Tonight was the night. My wife and I made a special trip to Logan’s to quaff some American Bitter. I enjoyed your brew, reminded me a little of Left Hand’s Sawtooth (one of my all time favorites),and much better than Alexandria’s beer . . . and then I got the bill. $7 for a beer!!! I enjoyed your beer, but it was not $7 good. I use to live in Colorado, home to several micro-brews, and have been to almost 100 breweries, not to mention sampled hundreds of different brews in bars across the country and I have never spent $7 for a beer. I’m not sure who is responsible for these prices, but I will NOT be having another of your beers for some times, at least until they are priced more reasonably. I really want to support you, but at those prices it out of reach for a middle class guy like myself.

    • First of all, I want to thank you for giving it a try…and I am glad you liked it! As for the price…It is up to the establishment to set the price. So Logan’s, or whomever we will sell it to decides what they want to sell it for. So I feels you! Actually, If you really did like it and would like it to be cheaper, we are planning to open a day at the brewery next week. No middle man = cheaper! We will let everyone know the day and time once we lock it in. Thanks again for giving us a try!