Our history


Brew-Magic System

A long time ago, in a neighborhood 3 miles away, a handsome group of individuals came up with an idea so extraordinary, their lives would never be the same. ”Let’s make our own beer”, one of the fetching men exclaimed. The idea was just so completely right, that the dapper gents immediately, and without hesitation, shook hands, lit up cigars and looked into the future that would henceforth be known as…Findlay Brewing Company. At least, thats how we choose to remember it.

As new homebrewers, and long time lovers of beer, we noticed Northwest Ohio didn’t really have any breweries, and we thought Findlay would be a great place. So we started to brew, with the thought in the back of our heads, that maybe we could actually sell our beer one day. As any of the homebrewers that may be reading this know, you are always buying new and better brewing gear. There came a point where we thought it would be a good Idea to possibly purchase some converted kegs for our brewing needs. While we searched for a way to convert them ourselves or purchase already converted kegs, we discovered the Sabco website, and saw the Brew-Magic system.

We all took a look at what the Brew-Magic system could do, and thought it was fantastic. However, did we really want to drop 7k on a brewing monster? Turns out yes…yes we did. The reason is because we quickly discovered that Sabco is a Company based in Toledo Ohio, only 40 minutes away! A single trip later, and we decided to make the purchase. Between the 6 of us, the cost was easily manageable.

A few months later we were off and brewing on our shiny new Brew-Magic system. So as we brewed, we realized that we could use this system to launch our brewery. We quickly decided on Findlay Brewing Company, and began the long discussion of what our next step would be. During this step, sadly, is where one of our founding members decided to leave Findlay Brewing Company. He was starting medical school, so the hours would have been tough for him to put in his share of time. At this point is where Susan Treece stepped up and became a member. Interestingly enough, Susan does not like beer…however, she does love the process and was extremely interested in starting the business and was vital to our next step…finding a home.

Findlay Brewing Co.

At this point we really do not have any money to purchase or rent a building, so Steve and Susan decided that the best way to make this brewery happen was to buy one on their own and allow the brewery to operate out of it. Thanks Steve and Susan! We looked at many places, but were limited as we needed to be in an area zoned industrial to brew beer. Something was coming along, however, that would help us get around this. We heard that some zoning was about to change that would allow us into our current location that was then known as the Big Jerk. So Steve and Susan took a chance that the zoning change would happen, and made the purchase that is our current home. 227.5 North Main Street.

We are almost there, we have been brewing for years and have several recipes that we think will work well out in the community, but we needed a bit more money to pay for the brewing license as well as some other important construction and gear. Then we got an offer that a new business was looking for a temporary home to run their business. So we rented the front of our shop, for a year, to Cakes for Heavens Sake. This gave us most of the start up money we needed to get the brewery off the ground. So we applied for our brewing license, which took about 6 months to get…and here we are!

This might not be the most exciting start up story in brewing history, but it is ours and we couldn’t be more excited to finally have our beer out!

brew-magic by sabco

Findlay Brewing Company currently brews on a Brew-Magic system by Sabco.

This system has allowed us to perfect our brewing process in a way that we could never have done with other homebrew gear. The Brew-Magic features a recirculating and temperature control system that help you nail reputability of your beers. This is the same system that Dogfish Head started their brewery out on. Check it out!


Findlay Brewing Company can be called a Nano Brewery. A nanobrewery is basically a very small brewery that brews on a system of less than 4 US beer barrels. We hope to jump up to Microbrewery some day soon!