New Blonde Ale and 21 Reasons to Drink Beer!

Greetings kind visitor! Wanted to let you know that this Friday we will have a new beer available…our Blonde Ale! Often we have people come in and tell us that they are a Bud Light drinker, and would like to know what we suggest they try. Sometimes is tough to make a suggestion if we only have an IPA and our Molasses Porter on tap. We thought this Blonde Ale could kind of sort of possibly bridge the gap. While it is still far from a Bud Light, it will definitely serve as a nice transition beer for those interested in leap from light beer. It is full bodied, lightly hopped and oh so tasty. Hope you are able to stop in on Friday and try one!

Also I saw this post over at Buzzfeed, 21 Reasons You Should Definitely Drink More Beer. Personally I think the list could be longer! Enjoy!

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