Brewery Visit – Rock Bottom Brewery (Chicago)

This weekend I happened to find myself in Chicago for a short time and took a short amount of time to stop by a brewery. I decided to visit the Chicago branch of Rock Bottom Brewery. I always enjoy the atmosphere of a brewpub, although I wasn’t there during a busy time, the staff was welcoming and the customers were downing many pints of beer.

I ordered a Terminal Stout. This is a rotating beer each season. Mine was an Irish Stout for spring, however if you go during other seasons you may get a different style such as an Oatmeal Stout in the summer and an Imperial during winter. I’m not going to give a detailed review but it was delicious. At 7% ABV these tasty brews go down nicely. We also had an order of nachos for a little snack, and as far nachos at a bar go, they were damn good.

The pub was laid out well so the bar is easily accessible, and the booth we had made for a comfortable time. One interesting thing is that the restrooms are upstairs. If you decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator you get to look through a window to the brewery floor where you can see the fermentation vessels. Always a nice treat!

All in all it was a pretty sweet place, and I can only hope Findlay Brewing Company can be as successful one day as Rock Bottom is.


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    1. Isn’t the one in Cleveland closer?
    2. Isn’t it a chain?
    3. I LOVE BEER!!!!!
    4. help….WOOT!
    5. Wee Britain is a dry county

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