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Great Scot!

Read the next sentence for a great announcement. We are now on Tap at Great Scott on Broad in Findlay! No no...they have not turned into a bar. For those of you that don't often go to Great Scott, let me just tell you that they have an amazing selection of craft beer. And as...
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Had a great night!

Just wanted to thank everyone that stopped by last night. It was a lot of fun! We were brewing in the back, and serving in the we had a lot going on! We ended up going through almost two kegs. Everyone seemed to have a really great time. So we can consider that a...
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New Website Online

Greetings! So this is our new website. We will be updating content from time to time, so feel free to look around. Anything you want to see on the site? let us know! Also this week we will be brewing our second release...Floodwater Stout. We only use the finest flood water available to brew this...
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