New Stuff!

Brite Tank

Starting Findlay Brewing Company has been a fantastic experience for all of us involved. Lots to do, lots to learn, and lots and lots of brewing hardware to acquire! Just wanted to briefly let everyone know a couple cool, yet necessary, pieces of equipment we just recently purchased.

For our fermenting needs we picked up a few 27 gallon Blichmann stainless steel conical fermenters. There are lots of great features in these conicals that led us to chose these over other cheaper options. The ability to expand them to 40 gallons was enough of a reason for us to pick them up.
One other thing we picked up are two brite tanks from Stouts Tanks and Kettles. (WARNING…THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE IS EDUCATIONAL) A brite tank is where you store your fermented beer to age, carbonate and serve from if you want. Once ready we will fill our kegs directly from these units.
We are also in need of a cooler to store our kegs and brite tanks. Instead of buying one we are building one on our own to save money. We’ll let you know more on that once we are underway. Thanks for reading!

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