Monthly Archives: December 2009

Sam Adams Utopia

During friday's brew session, the FBC crew discussed a recent release by Boston Beer Company (which produces Sam Adams) called Utopia. It is a sweet, 27% ABV "beer" that is meant to be sipped in small glasses. It is relased only once a year in limited quanities. Here's a pic...
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Mutt Ale

Unfortunately, Jeremy was not able to brew his Brown Ale this Friday. FBC, leapt into action and brewed anyway. Using much of our leftover grains, we threw together a concoction of ingredients which will result in a potential masterpiece.

Is it an Amber? A Red Ale? An ESB? A Classic...
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Pillsnail Almost

It's been awhile since I've posted but I just wanted to say that my Pilsnail #26 has been aging for a few weeks now and I'm excited to give it a taste. The initial tasting was pretty good so hopefully it turns out better than last time.

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Get Down with the Brown

FBC (specifically Jeremy) will be brewing a Brown Ale this Friday. Jeremy, as well as Steve, has produced consistently tasty brews in each of his brew sessions. Aaron, Ben, Josh and I have all had results where the outcome was not excactly what we desired. Jeremy's beer is...
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