Monthly Archives: November 2009

New Brew Y’all!

Greetings. It's been many a fortnight since I've posted...and I know all twelve of you have been terribly dismayed at my absence. But here I am, posting once again. The excitement is truly palpable. Oh it's not. Sorry I was wrong.

Anyway...just wanted to let you know that I am aiming...
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Keezer Revisited

A while back I had a regular feature called Word of the Day. Well, I'm bringing it back.

Today's Word - Krausen: the foamy head that forms during the early stages of primary fermentation. As you can see below, this is just now taking place with the American Pale Ale FBC brewed on...
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Yeast Starter

Word of the Day - Yeast Starter

All beer needs yeast. Some yeast comes dry in packets, much like bakers yeast you can find in the grocery. Other yeast comes in liquid form, either in a pouch or vial.

Some brewers recommend using a yeast starter, which is a mini-batch of beer (about a liter)...
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Successful Brew

Last night's brew session went according to plan and FBC should have a tasty American Pale Ale for all to consume in about a month.

The batch sparging went great. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount and color of run off we were able to achieve with soaking the grain in 168 degree water...
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