Monthly Archives: November 2009

APA2 Bottling

I bottled my APA batch last night and learned a few things. However, to explain what happened I will need to provide you with a new Word of the Day:

Dry Hop - when hops are added to the secondary fermentation process. After beer is boiled, it is transferred into a fermenter (primary) and...
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Get Back!!

Sticking with the hop theme here...

Word of the Day - Hopback - a method of introducing hops to your wort.

Typically, FBC adds hops to its wort during the boiling process. This is great when seeking the bittering properties of hops, by can be inefficient when desirous of the aromatic properties of hops. The...
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Keezer – Done!

Steve and I finally finished the Keezer on Saturday. Now all we need to do keg some more beer. Here's the final product. Note the chalkboard paint on the collar, allowing for announcement of what's on tap.

Word of the day - Noble Hops - noble hops, (not...
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Word(s) of the Day - Alpha Acid Units or AAU's

Hops are an essential element of all beer and have two basic purposes:

1. Bittering
2. Aroma

Hops added early during the boiling of the wort will bitter the beer and hop added at the end of boil will provide aromatic properties.

When using hops...
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