Monthly Archives: October 2009

Beer Free Post

Little known fact - while horror is not FBC'r Ben Walton's favorite genre of film, he does favor werewolf movies. So.....for Ben:

The Wolfman - Staring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins

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Applewine v 2.0

FBC completed its 25th brew session on Friday. And, despite the new partial-mash procedure, it went pretty well. Hopefully in a month, we'll have a tasty brew as well as a new technique available for us to use in the future.

With these 25 brews, we've had some successes, and some failures (you know...
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After a small hiatus, FBC is back in action tonight. Josh is our brewmaster and he will be attempting something that's never been done in FBC history.

He will attempt a partial mash brew session. In this setup, gains are mixed with a liquid malt extract during the brew process. ...
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