Monthly Archives: September 2009

Schlitz is Back!!

This week is Milwaukee Beer Week, where several Milwaukee craft brewers show off their products. It looks like a fun event in a town rich in beer history.

Reading this article yesterday, got me thinking about the "Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous." Schlitz. So it was very odd...
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FBC Updates

Yesterday was an FBC brewday and Steve attempted another batch of his Stout. He made a few modifications (which I hope enlightens the FBC Blogfollowers with) that should result in an even more tasty product.

It was a nearly flawless brew session, with the only issue being a faulty burner on...
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Beer Price Fixing

As we learned last week from Aaron, the price of your favorite tasty brew is about to increase. InBev (which makes Budwiser and Bud Light) and MillerCoors (which makes, well, Miller and Coors) are both set to raise their prices this fall.

These two companies make up about 80% of...
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