Monthly Archives: March 2009

It’s Official(ly mailed)!!!

I mailed out the name registration to the Secretary of State today. As of now we are officially Findlay Brewing Company.

It should be some time before we receive confirmation, but we can start using the trade name immediately.

Word of the Day: VORLAUF

Vorlaufing is when you drain off a pitcher or two of...
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Spring Break

This past week I went back home to Long Island New York. While I was there I decided to check out the microbreweries (future competition) in the area. I went on line and they actually had an entire page devoted to the local microbreweries, brew pubs and brewery supply stores which was really neat. There...
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Listermann’s Trip

I've returned from my trip to Listermann's in Cincinnati with several items our brewery was in need of. When I arrived at Listermann's I found what appeared to be an abandoned machine shop. However, neither the building's appearance, nor the un-illuminated "OPEN" sign could dissuade me from my task. After opening...
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