Monthly Archives: February 2009

Come On Over

Meeting at my house on Monday is fine. We can take a look at my garage. Just keep in mind that I have done nothing to prepare for such an inspection. Use your imagination to visualize just how pristine and sanitary it could be with a little effort....
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Road Trip

I'm heading down to Cincinnati today to referee a soccer tournament and I plan on stopping at Litermann's while I'm down there.

Listermann's is a company that manufactures all kinds of home brewing equipment for sale at homebrew shops. They're known for their "Phil" line of products such as the "Phil...
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Talking It Up

I have been talking to a lot of people at work about our plans. They are all excited about having a Findlay based microbrewery and are lining up to be volunteer tasters.

If only we had a product to offer them....
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